Cow Ghee Pros and Cons List

Ghee is clarified butter that one can either buy or opt to prepare at home. It requires no refrigeration as it doesn’t contain milk solids that would rather make it spoil easily. Ghee has a distinctive fragrant and flavor that makes it so different from other kinds of butter. It is also entirely made up of fats. Here are the pros and cons of consuming or using cow ghee.

List Of Pros of Cow Ghee

1. Regular consumption of ghee enhances mental and physical strength keeping the body healthy. It also assists the body get rid of all toxins and impurities. Moreover it keeps tendons and muscles healthy as well as enhancing eyesight.
2. It helps stimulate the digestive system hence assisting in weigh lose as long as one engages in a well balanced diet and regular exercising.
3. For individuals with cholesterol conditions, ghee is their better fat alternative compared to regular butter as it has lower fat content.
4. Ghee has a high melting point therefore it will neither burn nor smoke when cooked. One can fry and cook with it without it breaking down to free radicals as many oils tend to do.
5. Stimulate appetite; Ghee stimulates the production of gastric acid in the stomach which in turn makes one feel hungry and just want to eat. This acid as well aids in the digestion process.
6. It doesn’t spoil easily; Some ghee types even last for over 100 years without going bad. They also don’t need any refrigeration.

7. It is rich in CLA and K2; These acids give ghee its antioxidant and anti-viral property which prevents against pre-mature aging and wrinkling.
8. Just like coconut oil, it is nutritionally ensriched; Ghee is enriched with medium saturated fats which are directly absorbed by the liver and used for energy production. Hence ghee can be used as an energy source by athletes.
9. Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory; Ghee is used to treat bowel inflammations and stomach conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Ayurvedic physicians also used ghee for centuries to reduce inflammations.

List Of Cons of Cow Ghee

1. Since ghee is entirely made up of fat, too much of it can lead to weight gain.
2. Since fat is generally not good for the cardiovascular system, consuming too much of ghee exposes one to cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension and heart attacks.
Ghee is good for one’s health but it is can also be dangerous if not regulated. Therefore it is always good to take it moderation.