Fenugreek Seeds Pros and Cons List

Native to the Mediterranean region, fenugreek is an herb which is similar to clover. The seeds are often used for cooking. They can also be made into medicines or used to hide the taste of medicine. Their seeds smell and taste very similar to maple syrup.

Here are the pros and cons of fenugreek seeds to consider.

List of the Pros of Fenugreek Seeds

1. They can improve brain function.
Fenugreek seeds work to reduce the activity of acetylcholinesterase, which reduces the production of proteins that can lead to plaque formation within the nervous system.

2. They can lower cholesterol levels.
People with Type 1 diabetes who consume fenugreek seeds have been shown to benefit from lower total cholesterol levels, lower LDL levels, and lower triglycerides.

3. They might improve skin health.
One unique benefit from fenugreek seeds is the production of mucilage, which can help to sooth irritated skin. Although this requires fenugreek seed extract, melanin content and skin bump counts have been found to be lower after 6 weeks of application.

List of the Cons of Fenugreek Seeds

1. They can cause nausea.
If you eat fenugreek seeds in a high quantity, above 100g, then the most common side effect is nausea. The easiest way to prevent this side effect is reduce your intake of them.

2. They can upset the stomach.
Consuming a large amount of fenugreek seeds can also cause stomach upset to occur. This may result in diarrhea, indigestion, and bloating. This irritation may also dull the appetite in some people, which reduces the intake of dietary fat.

3. They can lower blood sugar levels.
Eating a lot of fenugreek seeds will help to balance out your blood sugar levels. If you are taking a medication to lower your blood sugar levels, then you will want to speak to your doctor about adding this food to your diet.

4. They change your body odor.
If you eat fenugreek seeds often, and in high quantities, it may alter your body odor. These seeds can make you smell somewhat sweet.

The pros and cons of fenugreek seeds show that there are many health benefits that come with this food product. Being aware of the potential negatives, especially in high doses, will maximize what you can do with this herb.