Epsom Salt Bath Pros and Cons List

Although it is referred to as a salt, Epsom salt is actually composed from crystals of hydrated magnesium sulfate. The product gets its name from a spring in Surrey, England, where the product was first produced.

One common way to enjoy the benefits of Epsom salt is in a bath. Here are the pros and cons of taking an Epsom salt bath to consider.

List of the Pros of an Epsom Salt Bath

1. It reduces stress levels.
Taking an Epsom salt bath helps to restore magnesium levels in the body to healthy levels. This works to prevent stress because the brain is able to produce melatonin, while also reducing adrenaline levels.

2. It can eliminate toxins.
The sulfates found in Epsom salt are able to help flush out toxins that are in the cells of the body. This process is so effective that it can be used to flush out heavy metals.

3. It acts as a laxative.
If you consume Epsom salt, the magnesium in the product works as a natural laxative. It works very quickly to relieve occasional issues with constipation.

4. It balances blood sugar levels.
If you consume a healthy level of Epsom salt on a regular basis, it can work to balance out blood sugar levels. It may improve a person’s energy levels each day and could lower the risk of diabetes.

List of the Cons of an Epsom Salt Bath

1. It may cause skin irritation.
Some people have skin that is sensitive to interactions with magnesium sulfate. Taking a bath would create itchiness and pain and should be avoided if this is a personal issue.

2. It causes a rise in blood pressure.
Individuals who are being treated for high blood pressure should avoid an Epsom salt bath unless their doctor recommends the treatment. The change in blood pressure means anyone with an open sore, or women who are pregnant, should avoid taking a bath.

3. It may cause uncomfortable physical symptoms.
Taking an Epsom salt bath may cause muscle stiffness and cramping. If the Epsom salt is taken as a laxative, it may also cause bloating, nausea, and painful cramping.

Epsom salt can be a beneficial product to keep at home. Keep track of the potential negatives and avoid using the product in a bath if it could negatively affect your health.