Cork Flooring Pros and Cons List

However it can be a wonderful addition, Cork flooring is not right for every installation and location. Before choosing cork as a flooring material it is always good to a look at its characteristics so that you can make an informed decision on whether to use it or not. Here are the pros and cons of cork flooring;

List Of Pros Of Cork Flooring

1. Dust Repellant
Unlike carpet floors, cork floors tend to repel hair, dust and other particles. This property also makes the material easy to clean making it a perfect flooring material for people who want to enhance quality indoor air.

2. Antimicrobial
Cork contains suberin which gives it its antimicrobial property which makes it repel small insects and vermin. This property also makes it resistant to growth or colonization of these organisms therefore it helps maintain a healthy environment.

3. Environmental Friendly
Cork is entirely natural, easily replenishable and recurring material. It is made from the cork oak bark which is harvested without posing any danger to the trees. Cork is also biodegradable and thus break down when discarded hence doesn’t cause pollution.

4. Easy To Maintain
If installed correctly and several layers of water resistant sealers applied to its surface, cork flooring becomes quite easy to take care of. All that it will need is regular vacuuming or sweeping to remove dirt particles and grit. Besides that in case of spills, one can easily wipe it away.

List Of Cons Of Cork Flooring

1. Cork Scratches Easily
If you’re looking a perfectly smooth floor, cork isn’t the material for you. With time cork scratches and tears because of various reasons. If you have pets, they are likely to scratch it, if there is grit particles on the floor they are likely to act as sandpaper tearing the cork floor. Cork requires a lot of attention so as it doesn’t scratch which is a lot of work a time.

2. Soaks In Water
The reason for layering the surface with water resistant sealer is to prevent it from soaking up water. However the seal is not always perfect and in case of floods the floor will likely warp and discolor and eventually be ruined.

3. Discolors Over Time
In case the cork material is exposed to direct sunlight rays daily, then it is likely that it will start to discolor and as a result the floor might end up having patches of different hues. To prevent this from occurring, one has to put up blinds or curtains and constant care and vigilance which becomes a lot of work in the end and also limiting in terms of lighting.