Chamomile Tea Pros and Cons List

Chamomile is being used as an herb in human medicine because of its special properties. As a tea, it is popularly used to treat anxiety. Moreover, it has been said that adding its oil in bath water takes away stress as it relaxes the body. Ever wondered whether chamomile tea is good for you or not? Here is a look at the top pros and cons of chamomile tea.

List of Pros of Chamomile Tea

1. Anti-Inflammatory Property
Chamomile is largely used to solve inflammatory problems. According to studies conducted on various animals such as mice, it was discovered that the animals showed less edema and inflammation of the skin after being treated with chamomile. And due to this, chamomile is largely used to minimize painful swelling and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Improves Digestion
Roman chamomile has been used to solve various digestion complications such as loss of appetite, nausea, indigestion, vomiting, and flatulence. The herb is particularly recommended for those suffering from gastric conditions. The herb relaxes intestinal muscles and also treats inflammation and spasms of the tract.

3. Good for the Skin
Chamomile possesses germ-killing properties and due to this, it has been used to remedy certain skin conditions. For instance, it is used to treat inflammations, burns, acne, cracked nipples, sore gums and skin lesions. Some have used it to treat eczema, bed sores, diaper rash, itching, hemorrhoids, wounds and so much more.
Moreover, the cosmetic industries use the herb as an anti-allergen to make their products friendlier to the skin.

4. For Insomnia
Chamomile is an exceptional natural sedative and an excellent remedy for handling stress and headaches. It is especially useful in treating insomnia, a cup of it before going to bed induces drowsiness.

5. Anti – Cancer Properties
It has been said that chamomile reduces the risk of getting certain kinds of cancer especially for those with cancer history. A clinical study proved that bisaboloxide, a major German Chamomile constituent, together with another anti-cancer agent considerably prevented the growth of leukemia cells. Other studies have also discovered that chamomile has antiplatelet and antioxidant properties.

List of Cons of Chamomile Tea

1. Chamomile is not good for those with asthma or fever and hence should be avoided.

2. Its extracts might also elicit allergic reactions in those allergic to that plant family and thus its consumption might expose one to possible anaphylactic shock.

3. Chamomile doesn’t get along with alcohol as it might lead to drowsiness and sedation beyond control.

4. However its effect on pregnancy and breastfeeding hasn’t been concluded yet, animal tests showed that too much chamomile might lead to miscarriage or low birth weight.