Being a Marine Biologist Pros and Cons List

One of the most entertaining parts of science is the ocean. With such a vast amount of water covering our planet, the amount of knowledge that exists under the water is virtually limitless. As much as it is interesting to ponder all of the knowledge existing in the oceans, it’s more exciting to go in and really find out what’s going on in the ocean. This is precisely why a lot of people become marine biologists. Marine biologists are some of the most fascinating people on the planet because their job is so incredibly enlightening. If you’ve ever wondered how it would be possible to become one yourself, here are just a few things to keep in mind if you plan on becoming a marine biologist.

List of Pros of Being a Marine Biologist

1. Great Job Advancement Opportunities
A problem with a lot of jobs is the inability to get better as you go along. In other words​, many jobs lack a lot of upward mobility. With this type of career field, specifically marine biology, you have the opportunity​ to get better and get even more opportunities in the science sector as you get better as a scientist. Marine biologists, unlike a lot of other scientists​, will constantly have new chances to get work, so if you keep at it, there is no doubt you’ll see your career exponentially​ get bigger and more rewarding.

2. A Real Chance to Make the World Better
Unlike a lot of other jobs, you can actually make the world a better place. There are a lot of jobs that don’t get the chance to make things better, but with marine biology, you can legitimately help the world for the better. But by discovering new species and improving the way the world works, you’ll quickly realize it’s not only interesting but very rewarding as well.

List of Cons of Being a Marine Biologist

1. Not Much Pay-Off
Without a doubt, the biggest con of this job is the lack of steady payment. Much of it is reward-driven, so don’t expect a tremendous amount of money in the early goings.

2. Extremely Competitive
Out of all the science fields, this field is one of the most popular and competitive. Because of this, it’s extremely difficult to find steady positions, making it almost impossible to get as an early career. However, if you can somehow get over the negatives of this career, there is no doubt that you can have tremendous financial and existential success.