Being a Forensic Scientist Pros and Cons List

Some of the most popular shows on television are crime shows. Oftentimes, these shows depict being a forensic scientist as something super glamorous and exciting. If you’ve been inspired by media to become a forensic scientist, or if you simply found the job in other ways, there are a whole host of reasons why you should consider becoming a forensic scientist if it’s something you find intriguing. As interesting of a career as it can be, there are certainly some cons with it as well, but regardless, you’ll soon realize all of the pros and cons of becoming a forensic scientist.

The Pros of Being a Forensic Scientist

1. Very Interesting Work
Maybe the most intriguing thing about being a forensic scientist is the interesting things you get to do. Compared to other jobs, being a forensic scientist is super exciting. There are so many jobs that pay well, and despite it being a decent paying job, the most alluring part of being a forensic scientist is the opportunity to do interesting work every single day.

2. Very Rewarding Work
Perhaps the best thing about being a forensic scientist, there is no doubt that knowing that the work is very rewarding is a positive thing to keep in mind as you work. In a lot of other jobs, you selfishly do things that don’t help other people. While being a forensic scientist, you won’t have this problem. You’ll be able to go home knowing that you helped solve crimes and defeat criminals that are inflicting tremendous damage and destruction on society. This will allow you to think of yourself as a savior of sorts.

The Cons of Being a Forensic Scientist

1. Very Depressing Work
While this is a cool job and very rewarding, there is no doubt that there is also a lot of negative aspects of this job, especially the fact that you’re dealing​ with a lot of negative things on a daily basis. You will see a lot of death and crime, and this can sometimes affect people’s moods in a big way.

2. Very Stressful
Aside from having a lot of depressing aspects, the work itself can be very stressful. While feeling down can be downright annoying, being stressed on a daily basis is even worse. Stress contributes to shorter lifespans and a lesser quality of life, so if you feel that this job might have such severe effects, perhaps you should consider an alternative career path.

Regardless, while the job has it’s pros and cons, if you really want to do the profession, by all means, consider becoming a forensic scientist.​