10 Key Pros and Cons of Polygamy

Polygamy refers to one person having more than one spouse, with the full consent of all those involved in the relationship. Polygamy could be one man having many wives or one woman having many husbands (polyandry). It could also by in the form of group marriage, wherein more than one couple and their collective children form one family unit. However, the polygamy popularized today is polygamy, as in the case of Mormons and Muslims.

Polygamy is considered taboo by some, especially those who uphold a more exclusive relationship, but who are we to judge? There are actually those whose belief system encourages polygamist lifestyle. It is therefore insightful to learn more about polygamy, particularly its pros and cons, before we draw our own conclusion on the matter.

List of Pros of Polygamy

1. Division of Labor.
Women are often left at home to handle the household chores, which are quite plentiful. With many sister wives, the workload is divided and shared.

2. Pooled Financial Resources.
All the spouses get to work together to benefit the entire family. If all of them have incomes, the family

3. Good Support System.
Wives often seek support from other wives or mothers. With sister wives, they do not need to go elsewhere, and the support group is virtually their own family members.

4. Lots of Love.
The more love is shared, the more it multiplies. Polygamists believe that there is no such thing as too much love.

5. Limits Infidelity.
In polygamy, adultery or infidelity is not an issue. The person can have as many partners as they deem fit, and it is acceptable.

List of Cons of Polygamy

1. Power Struggle.
The person having many spouses usually has the upper hand in the family. In polygamy, the husband dominates or rules over his wives and children.

2. Jealousy and Favoritism.
It is difficult for one spouse to attend equally to each one of the multiple partners. Jealousy and favoritism is a big issue when other partners feel ignored.

3. Limited Attention from Spouse/Parent.
Spouses and children may feel ignored by that one person with multiple partners. It is normal for a polygamous family to have several children, and these kids all need attention from that one father.

4. Women Marry Young.
Polygamous man usually marry wives during their teenage years, some before reaching puberty, and this may cause complications in marriage and health.

5. Men Lack Control.
Men with impulsive sexual desires can get away with their lack of self-control by having multiple partners.


Non-exclusive intimate relationships or being with more than one romantic partner is not something new. It has been around for centuries, and even mentioned in the Bible. Some religious groups practice it, and make it an acceptable choice of lifestyle, while others go against it saying it is morally wrong and ethically.

Polygamy has its pros and cons as clearly shown here. It is up to the person what he or she thinks. Whether it is alright to go exclusive in a one-to-one marriage, or go polygamous and have multiple spouses.