British Healthcare System Pros and Cons List

It has often been argued that universal healthcare system is a borderline case of a country turning into a welfare state. There is a contrarian view, which is more populous, that stresses on the imperative need of a universal healthcare system. There are many countries which have a universal healthcare system and most of them have certain merits and demerits. The British healthcare system is no different. Here is an objective assessment of the British healthcare system pros and cons.

List of Pros of British Healthcare System

1. 100% Coverage
The British healthcare system covers every citizen of the country. It has 100% coverage. Every native and every immigrant who has attained British citizenship will have healthcare insurance that is funded and provided by the government. There is no exception whatsoever.

2. No Discrimination
The British healthcare system doesn’t discriminate on any basis. Anyone who can afford adequate healthcare and anyone who cannot afford it will be treated similarly. This is a life saver for millions who don’t always have the funds or cannot afford typical insurance to pay for their healthcare needs.

3. Widespread Accessibility
The British healthcare system is accessible across the length and breadth of the country. In many countries, including some larger nations, the healthcare system is almost or indeed universal but the accessibility is an issue. Most clinics or facilities are in urban centers or there are sporadic services available in the rural areas and the countryside. In Britain, that is not the case.

4. Acclimatised Economy
The British healthcare system is among the most generous across the world. Despite doing that, the country has somehow managed to maintain a healthy economy and a desirable fiscal deficit. Most countries that try to offer generous welfare schemes tend to take a hit and the fiscal deficit runs into rough weather.

List of Cons of British Healthcare System

1. Quality of Healthcare
The quality of healthcare is questionable. While Britain has one of the world’s most state of the art healthcare industry and there is no doubt that Britons are far better off than citizens of developing countries, the advanced procedures and complicated treatments are not really easily accessible under the British healthcare system. What this means is that a citizen needing a particular type of treatment wouldn’t get it and that defeats the whole purpose of a healthcare system in the first place.

2. Lack of Choice
Citizens don’t have a choice. There are long waits and stipulated ways that the system functions. There is no way to offer bespoke healthcare and personalised remedies under the system.

3. Poor Wages for Doctors/Nurses
Doctors, nurses and those employed in the healthcare industry often complain of poor wages and fewer rewards for their sensitive and significant professions.

4. Bureaucratic Hurdles
The British healthcare system, like any other bureaucratic setup, can get clogged in red tape, there are laidback attitudes and very slow progress.