7 Main Pros and Cons of Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are an extraordinary breed of dogs, but unfortunately, a lot of people really do not like them. Based on common belief, they are literally the most feared and irrationally loathed and legislated dogs in the world. Tragically, the primary reason why pit bulls are abused and exploited is due their loyalty to their owners. For example, if the owner does crime and wants to do unfavorable things, they can be exploited to become accessories. They just want to please their owners, so they will comply. If you are thinking of owning or breeding pit bulls, here are the pros and cons you should consider:

List of Pros of Owning Pit Bulls

1. Pit bulls build very strong bonds with you as owner.
The more time you spend with them as owner, the more enjoyment you will both get. Isn’t this the main reason why you wanted a dog in the first place?

2. This breed of dogs is agile, athletic and fun.
Pit bulls are very impressive, which can show when engaging in agility plays, such as flyball and other exciting dog sports. You can use their athletic skills by having a great time with them in many ways that might surprise you.

3. Pit bulls can be determined.
While being bred to be affectionate and gushy, pit balls can definitely be willful and pushy. They would happily run your house if you do not set up clear and consistent household rules, which means you have to be a fair and decisive. Obedience training is the best way to a happy household with these dogs.

4. These dogs love to run, play and swim outdoors.
Pit bulls tend to be happier around dogs they know, so you might want to create or find some play groups where they can regularly socialize with other dogs. This is also beneficial for you in a way that you can also socialize with other owners and exercise.

List of Cons of Owning Pit Bulls

1. Owning pit bulls can be pricey.
Your friendship with pit balls will surely come with a high price tag. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money be ready to commit lots of quality time to your pet life while honoring their loyalty and devotion. Put in mind that banishing these dogs to your backyard and leaving them alone for long periods of time would cause them to become depressed, aggressive and even destructive.

2. Pit bulls tend to escape from your premises.
These dogs would climb fences, dig underneath or do whatever they need to find their way out of your premises, even if it is secure. So, you have to provide a very secure set-up and supervise them while they are at play outdoors. You can also keep them indoors when no one is home. If indoor accommodation is not available, it is recommended to have an outdoor kennel with a good lock.

3. Finding places where your pit bull can run around can be very difficult, if not impossible!
Take note that many areas do not allow pit bulls to be off-led. If they get in a fight with other dogs, things could go very bad quickly, and you will be the one to get into trouble, or your dog could end up in the pound. So, be smart, play it safe and just steer clear of these places to avoid any problem.

Based on the pros and cons listed above, are you willing to own or breed pit bulls?