5 Strongest Pros and Cons of Vasectomy

The growing population and economic instability are prompting couples to consider birth control. For decades now, one option that remains controversial is vasectomy, a surgical procedure done on men. In the United States, a record of 500,000 vasectomy surgeries are reported annually yet this method is still divisive among proponents and opponents.

This is also known as male sterilization wherein the vas deferens, tubes found in the testicles responsible to transport sperms for fertilization, are either sealed or cut to make this impossible. This surgery is popular because there are no long term risks and are safe. However, there are certain factors about this method men should be aware of.

List of Pros of Vasectomy

1. It is an effective birth control method.
According to studies, vasectomy is more than 99% effective when it comes to birth control. This procedure is ideal for couples who want think they have enough children and do not plan to have more. Out of 1,000 women who have partners who have undergone the procedure, only one or two will have unplanned pregnancy.

2. It is an alternative to female sterilization and birth control pills.
Instead of the wife having to subject themselves to tubal ligation, husbands can opt to have a vasectomy. Aside from being effective, it is only a minor procedure, making it safer. There are also men who decide to go under the knife for their wives. Without the possibility of the sperm and egg undergoing fertilization, wives need not have to take birth control pills every day.

3. It has no noted side effects and does not diminish sex drive.
A vasectomy has no long term side effects and risks. Nor does it affect a man’s libido or the desire to have sex. This is the most common concern of men, losing their sex drive. However, advocates of this procedure and some of men who have decided to have the surgery are professing it was one of the best decisions they have made in their lives.

List of Cons of Vasectomy

1. It can result to depression.
Some people who are not in favor of vasectomy say that it can trigger depression on men who underwent the procedure. Some men who had the surgery reported that they have a feeling of loss after realizing a part of their reproductive system has been cut or sliced. The thought of not being able to produce an offspring in the future can result have an emotional effect in the long run.

2. There is no turning back with vasectomy.
Perhaps, one of the downsides of this method of male sterilization is the fact that the outcome is permanent. Critics argue that people’s minds can change and if a man who has had vasectomy has a change of heart, the possibility for it to be undone is very slight. Also, there are instances where pregnancies still happen especially if there is sexual intercourse a few days after undergoing surgery.


This type of procedure may be simple but the effects can be complicated if not thought of properly. Before any man proceeds with getting one, careful consideration should be taken. There is nothing wrong with birth control and there are several options available. What matters is weighing the pros and cons beforehand to ensure it will not be an act one will regret in the future.