Dating Older Men Pros and Cons List

Dating is a personal choice and thus who you should or shouldn’t consider dating is a personal prerogative. There are many women who like dating older men and many who don’t. Without being opinionated, here are some dating older men pros and cons.

List of Pros of Dating Older Men

1. Experience in Life
An older man will be more experienced in life. That includes relationships, career, financial matters and sociopolitical as well as cultural aspects. An older man is expectedly wiser and will have sound advice to offer. An older man can teach a woman a thing or two about many aspects of life. It is not to establish that younger men cannot have the same attributes but older men are more likely to possess useful experience.

2. Financially Better Off
It is unrealistic to expect that older men will be super successful or rich. But they will be better off financially than younger men. Any sane man would earn and save money over the years so the longer one has saved or earned, the more would be the savings.

3. Emotional Maturity
An older man would have dealt with many trials and tribulations of life. That naturally makes one emotionally matured, certainly more than their younger brethren.

4. Romance or Love, not Crush or Infatuation
Older men have had their share of romance, flings, possibly one night stands and casual hookups. They are looking for love or romance and know the difference between crush or infatuation and genuine feelings. Obviously, there are exceptions.

5. Confident, Calm & Easy
Older men will be less demanding. They will be more confident and secured about who they are. They would be calmer. Younger men are more suited for whirlwind romances. When it comes to stability, older men score better.

List of Cons of Dating Older Men

1. Too Late to Change
Older men may not change at all. They have reached a stage when they know who they are and would be unwilling to make amends to suit anyone, even if you turn out to be a prospective partner after a few dates.

2. A Tad Boring
Older men can be a little boring or very mundane for women who want to let their hair down and have a time of their life. Again, there are exceptions.

3. In Control
Older men may take the wheel and drive the relationship. Women dating older men may feel lack of control or even vulnerable because the men are more secured, at ease and can call the shots.

4. Compatibility
Likes and dislikes may be worlds apart when there is a substantial difference in age.