Chia Seeds Pros and Cons List

Chia seeds are amongst the list of foods that have existed for centuries, only to get recognized as superfoods recently. While Chia seeds are well-known for the various health benefits they provide, they also do come with selections of side effects. Here are the chia seeds pros and cons that you should know about their consumption.

Pros of Chia Seeds

1. Nutrient-Dense Food.
Chia seeds feature high fiber contents, and when mixed with water they form a digestion-aiding gel. Their high fiber content keeps you satiated feeling for longer.

The seeds are also known for their richness in calcium, boron, and magnesium, which collectively keep bones stronger. Chia seeds also contain gluten-free protein which helps with blood sugar level stabilization.

2. Heart Health Booster.
The seeds are known to help lower serum triglycerides levels as well LDL cholesterol within the body.

When LDL, also referred to as bad cholesterol, levels get lowered within the body it leaves room for HDL cholesterol levels to increase. The result is optimization of your heart health.

3. Fight Chronic Diseases.
The anti-inflammatory abilities of chia seeds make them excellent in fighting chronic diseases.

Ultimately, the intake of chia seeds helps in reducing the risk of autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, and cancer.

4. Weight Management.
Add chia seeds to your smoothies and meals, in general, to instantly boost the protein content by up to 5 grams for every two tablespoons.

The ability of chia seeds to keep you feeling fuller helps to curb overeating, and they also make for a great nutrient-dense snack. Ultimately, all these benefits contribute positively towards weight management.

Cons of Chia Seeds

1. Chia Can Cause Allergies.
Chia seeds are from the same family group as mustard seeds. Therefore, anyone with a mustard seed allergy might also be allergic to chia. They cause throat swelling, trigger rashes, and watery eyes.

2. The Seeds Are Blood Thinners.
Chia seeds are said to function as blood thinners and could lead to increased bleeding with cuts.

3. Increased Gas And Bloating.
The intake of chia seeds is also known to have the effect of increasing gas and bloating. The high fiber they contain cause this effect but only if the seeds get consumed excessively.

4. Lead To Diastolic Blood Pressure Drop.
Studies have revealed that the intake of chia seeds could result in drops in your diastolic blood pressure. What it means is that people with lower or normal blood pressures could experience a BP decrease from consuming chia.