Charismatic Leadership Pros and Cons List

Not all leaders are the same. Each leader has his own style of leadership which is usually based on his character and personality. Some are autocratic. Others are lenient. On the other hand, charismatic leaders are the ones defining the meaning of leadership even though they only belong to a particular type of leaders.

Charismatic leadership is the most popular style which most aspiring leaders wish to apply. What is charismatic leadership by the way? As an overview, this type of leadership is geared toward popular support. It seeks not only the approval of the majority but also loyalty, support, and faith.

Even autocratic leaders can become a charismatic leader, and one example is Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, charismatic leadership is very common for democratic and liberal type of leaders such as Eva PerĂ³n and Jesus Christ.

For many people, charismatic leadership is good. However, there is no such a thing as perfect leadership style. Charismatic leadership also has pros and cons. Here they are:

List of Pros of Charismatic Leadership

1. High Level of Approval
A leader with high level of approval from the people he or she is leading can easily execute plans with less opposition. If you are a charismatic leader, you become more powerful because of the support you get from the people you lead.

2. Opportunity to Become a Role Model
As a charismatic leader, you can have a chance of becoming a role model of behaviors you would like many people to follow. Your popularity can easily influence other people in doing what you are also doing.

3. Lead with Less Effort
You don’t have to work hard alone for a certain goal if you are a charismatic leader. In fact, people who believe in you will help you implement your plan without wasting much of your energy. Your words may be enough to make things happen according to your plan.

List of Cons of Charismatic Leadership

1. Prone to Abuse
If you are a charismatic leader, you receive praise and support from your people. Your popularity makes you more powerful, and it is in this situation you may get tempted to abuse such power. Keep in mind that almost all terrible leaders and emperors in history were also charismatic leaders.

2. Monopoly of Opinion
Most people who support a charismatic leader may have similar opinions with that of their leader. This may kill some minority opinions who may be smarter than popular opinions.

3. People Become Dependent on Leaders
Although people may act upon your words, you as a charismatic leader is only teaching them to depend on you. This means you make them believe you are the best leader of all. And when you step down, the whole system will be shaken.