Cherry Flooring Pros and Cons List

Cherry has increasingly become a common type of wood that is used for floors. With beautiful, smooth and close-grained look, it shows up on the market in a variety of colors, ranging from its natural state to nearly black. However, it is not always suitable to use in all types of home designs and environments. So, before you decide to use this type of hardwood for your flooring, make sure you take a look at its pros and cons first.

List of Pros of Cherry Flooring

1. It offers a great look and value.
Like other hardwood floors, cherry wood provides a great way of making the room look good, with its warm colors and natural look providing a clean, simple and inviting space. It can also add value to your home.

2. It is easy to maintain.
Harwood floors are popular for their low maintenance and ease of care, where you just have to sweep them every now and then, as well as provide them a good vacuum cleaning to restore a good shine. Spills would not be an issue as liquids can be wiped up easily without leaving a stain.

3. It is durable and versatile.
When you walk into century-old houses, you would usually find them still having their original hardwood flooring, including those of cherry wood, even sometimes still looking great. So when properly cared for, cherry wood floors can last a lifetime or longer. Moreover, they are so versatile and easy to mesh with any style or look.

4. It can be repaired.
If your cherry flooring do get scratched, you can still fix it. Through sanding and refinishing, you can bring it back to its former luster.

5. It helps prevent allergies.
It is widely known that hardwood, such as cherry, flooring is much nicer on those suffering from allergies. Unlike carpets, allergens cannot build up on wood floors, where they do not have many places to hide.

List of Cons of Cherry Flooring

1. It is expensive.
The cost of purchasing and installing cherry flooring will definitely be more than that of hard floors or carpets.

2. It requires frequent cleaning.
It is a good thing this type of floor cleans just easily, but you will have to do it frequently. Mostly, you will need to sweep or vacuum clean at least every 2 or 3 days.

3. It is less friendly to pets.
If you have pets, such as dogs, they will hate you’re your cherry flooring, as their padded feet just cannot grip its smooth surface, which means that they would slip and slide each time they pick up speed.

4. It can produce a loud noise.
Like other hardwood floors, nearly every step you make while walking on cherry wood flooring is basically loud and detectable. Aside from this, Older hardwood floors tend to make a creaking sound.

Now that you know the pros and cons of using cherry wood for your flooring, you can decide whether or not it is the best option to take for your home.