Teenage Pregnancy Pros and Cons List

Over the last two decades, there has been a decline in teen pregnancies but this does not discount the fact that the United States has a high record of teenagers between ages 15-19 getting pregnant with around 24.5 per 1000 girls in this age bracket, interviewed in 2013. And although this was a 10% decline from the previous year, this issue remains to be a contentious topic. What are the significant pros and cons of teenage pregnancy?

List of Pros of Teenage Pregnancy

1. It keeps young parents motivated.
Supporters of teenage pregnancy claim that one of the positive aspects of a girl who is expecting to be a mother at an early age and a young man facing the responsibility of being a father is that this new responsibility makes them more driven to do better in life. For some pregnant teens still going to school, being mothers motivate them to do well in school so they can give a better future to their babies. Same goes with their partners who will be inspired to look for jobs and be more focused on starting a family.

2. Babies in general are blessings and so are children of teenage mothers.
Conservative groups embrace teenage pregnancy because they believe babies their teenage moms come from God and they are blessings to their families. Although this is not encouraged, supporters claim that if these situations happen, the best way is to support pregnant teens rather than condemn them.

3. Younger parents can be with their children longer and have the stamina and energy.
Another advantage of being pregnant at a young age is the possibility of these teenage parents to live long enough to meet their grandchildren and because of the narrower age gaps, it will be easier for them to build rapport and be friends with their children. Also, younger people have more energy to play and run after growing kids unlike older parents, making it more fun than tiresome to take care of their children.

List of Cons of Teenage Pregnancy

1. It can lead to unwanted pregnancies.
Opponents of teenage pregnancy contend that the new responsibility of parenthood can leave these expecting young parents unprepared. This concerns some groups because they say this can lead to these teens giving up their babies for adoption and worse, resorting to abortion.

2. It is risky for both mother and infant.
Medically, young girls who become pregnant are facing risks while conceiving their babies. Teenage pregnancies can be complicated especially if these girls are too young because their reproductive systems are not fully developed. These can result to premature births and low birth weight on babies.

3. Most teenagers are still immature.
Critics also point out that not all teenagers who are expectant parents can be expected to be mature. The problem is not only on the financial aspect but also on the emotional aspect as well. Pregnancies of these teens are more often unplanned, an already obvious indication that they are not yet emotionally ready. This can be a big challenge not only during the pregnancy but after giving birth.