Permanent Makeup Pros and Cons List

A lot of women had experienced that kind of morning, where they woke up late and needed to rush things out to report to their offices. The thing is, making up would take several minutes from their routine, so they would think about not having to worry about their makeup every day and make it permanent. However, considering that it is a serious cosmetic procedure, it is important for them to weigh down its pros and cons before deciding to give it a go.

List of Pros of Permanent Makeup

1. It is meant to be subtle.
Permanent makeup should be thought of like a delicate tattoo, with its only difference from traditional tattoos is that you do not want anyone to know what you did. It is meant to make women look like themselves—only better! It is even recommended by many people, helping you maintain great makeup and avoid experiencing a bad makeup day on certain occasions. However, this does not mean that you cannot add more if you want.

2. It saves time.
This procedure usually helps you to save more time. For example, if you have chosen to have permanent lip makeup for your lip line, you will constantly have fuller lips and will have the appearance of a subtly enhanced pout, without the hassle of wearing liner every day.

3. It helps get rid of the risk of getting allergies from cosmetic products and is good for people having difficulties of moving.
Experts say that permanent makeup frequently helps those with allergies to cosmetics or those having movement impairments that make it difficult for them to apply makeup. Along with Botox and fillers, this can also be very useful for older women to regain years of lost youth without having to undergo surgery.

List of Cons of Permanent Makeup

1. It is a painful process.
Those who have experienced having a tattoo say that the procedure involves a certain level of pain. This means that permanent makeup on sensitive skin brings about a similar level of pain, though it is usually short lived as the areas are relatively small, and the procedure is just quick.

2. It comes with the challenge of changing appearance.
Once permanent makeup is applied, it is really difficult to change your look. If you want to go for simple appearance one day and a heavy makeup in another, this could be difficult to do after you had the procedure. Also, you might want to have a skilled artist to do it, as mishaps can lead to scars.

3. It risks skin sensitivity and keloid.
Take note that getting tattooed makeup can potentially cause some contagion and issues once it is done. You see, this might not be a reliable option for you if you have a background of sensitive skin and scarring.

If you love the way you look with makeup and is having a lifestyle where it is difficult to maintain a fresh appearance, permanent makeup might be a great option for you. On the other hand, if you have all the time, you can stay with the traditional way of making yourself look beautiful.