Horse Slaughter Pros and Cons List

Just the term horse slaughter makes people cringe. However, when you think of other meat that we consume – chicken, beef, lamb, etc – these animals have been raised and slaughtered so food can be put on the table. On that note, others question what is so different about horse slaughter?

The term horse slaughter refers to the use of horse for meat. It used to be a popular practice in the US, but now its diminished quite a bit. While other animals seem to submit themselves for slaughter, a horse begs differently. It will “rip the place apart” just so it’s head can’t be restrained and its throat slit. That paints quite a horrific picture but there are supporters and those who oppose such practices. On that note, here’s a look at the pros and cons of horse slaughter.

List of Pros of Horse Slaughter

1. It provides income for the owner.
There are people who enjoy horse meat and horse owners can earn money by selling their animals to this particular market. Also, taking care of a horse is costly – housing, feeds, etc. Those expenses double when a horse gets sick or has outlived its potential. Some view slaughtering the horse for profit as a way to make back some of the money lost.

2. It reduces the population of wild horses
Wild horses can multiply rapidly and endanger a population if there are no predators present. Slaughtering a horse is seen as a way to keep the population low and in healthy levels. Plus, some local municipalities do sell licenses for the hunting of horses. There are also classes and other information given on how to kill horses in the wild humanely.

3. It helps control ranch populations
Horses also become sick and die. When that happens, they run the risk of spreading their disease to other horses. Given the costs of taking care of a horse, sick or not, some find it better to slaughter horses to improve the quality of life in the farm or barn.

List of Cons of Horse Slaughter

1. It can become a major industry
The treatment of chickens and cows raised for their meat is a serious topic the world over. Usually, carers cram lots of animals into cooped up spaces just so they can produce more with less. This isn’t a healthy practice for the animals and not a happy one either. Should the love for horse meat increase, there’s a major risk for it to turn into an industry and poor horses subjected to the same treatment as chickens and cows.

2. It poses health risks for humans during slaughter
People can get sick when they slaughter horses without proper supervision. Given that the practice is not widespread, others may have limited information on how to do it right and therefore expose themselves to severe health risks. Not just humans alone are vulnerable, but other animals that live on the farm as well.

3. It raises moral and societal questions
Horses are domesticated animals – they function as companions. So issues arise when discussing the consumption of horse meat. However, not everyone shares the same views. So one part of the world may not agree with the slaughtering of horses for meat, others don’t hold the same thought.