Gun Control Debate Pros and Cons List

Gun control is a long-standing debate with strong supporters on both sides. With the way the argument is going back and forth, finding a resolution seems almost impossible. The good news is the constant debate about the Second Amendment helps keep the issue alive and spreads vital and relevant information.

List of Pros of Gun Control Debate

1. Fuels argument on gun restriction
Proponents believe that gun restriction leaves citizens vulnerable to crimes and malicious intent. Opponents, however, I think that allowing people to carry guns results in accidents and even encourages gun-related crimes. In fact, about three-quarters of the guns used in mass shootings in the United States were legally obtained. This is according to Mother Jones. So the exchange about gun restriction continues, and new angles are discovered every time.

2. Keeps the issue relevant
Without debates about gun control, related issues would be relegated as crimes purported by trigger-happy individuals. How will people know how to protect themselves or fight for their right to a safe and healthy environment?

3. Raises concern about placing guns in the hands of the right people
Proponents of gun control argue that Americans who carry weapons are responsible. But how will you explain the increase of gun-related crime rates? Opponents ask. So the debate on gun restriction brings to the table the idea of carrying out background checks to determine if an individual should be allowed to carry guns.

4. Turns on the spotlight on how poorly executed the current laws are
If gun ownership is prohibited, how do criminals managed to buy weapons? It seems like the law is only enforced on honest people rather than those who are intent on committing crimes. Rather unfair, isn’t it?

List of Cons of Gun Control Debate

1. Brings focus to the argument that gun restriction is not the answer
Humans have a right to protection as much as they have the right to safety. In fact, the very reason that the Second Amendment was added to the US Constitution is that founders of the law believe that guns are essential if people want to protect their liberties.

2. Gives way to the argument that gun laws are a punishment
Gun control applies to everyone. But even if there are gun restrictions in place, criminals will still find a way to get their hands on a weapon that they can use. In the end, it becomes a punishment to honest citizens as criminals will be able to take advantage of them.

3. Takes the focus on more relevant issues
Opponents of gun restrictions argue that focus should be on dealing with criminals and not on whether or not gun ownership should be prohibited. Perhaps, if the crime rate goes down, people would not find value on being armed all the time. But living in a dangerous neighborhood only fuels the need to protect oneself, and carrying guns is one viable option. So, rather than argue about the Second Amendment, the government and law enforcement agencies should find ways to deal with criminals and keep the crime rate down.