Dictatorship Pros And Cons List

There are different forms of government and dictatorship is one of the most controversial among these forms. North Korea and Cuba are just two countries that are led by dictatorships while throughout history there have been dictators who have changed nations and even the world. This form of government has only one leader who is on top of everything. There is only one political party, a type of authoritarianism where the political leader literally dictates on the people.

Despite the negativities of this form of government, there are also groups that find this dictatorship effective and beneficial. Here are some of the arguments expressed by supporters and critics.

List of Pros of Dictatorship

1. Government Stability
Advocates for dictatorship posit that in this form of government, the leader usually stay for a long period of time, decades even. This is beneficial to the people if the dictator is not corrupt and is good-hearted. If the advocacies of the dictator are pro-people, he or she will be implementing laws that will bring prosperity and abundance to the country. As opposed to democratic countries where elections are held after a few years, government will be changing every now and then and laws will be modified which can lead to instability.

2. Progressive Country
Dictatorships play a significant role in making great decisions when it comes to resolving problems. This is because leaders of this kind of government can calibrate the legal framework with no need for coalitions to come up with decisions. Having said this, dictators can have more time to focus on their goals in running progressive nations.

3. Lesser Crimes
Proponents of a dictatorship claim that this government type usually have harsh punishments on criminals especially when it comes to drugs, human trafficking and other heinous crimes. Consequently, would be perpetrators will be reluctant to go against the laws for fear of being punished.

List of Cons of Dictatorship

1. Living in Fear
The citizens of a country rub by a dictator usually live in fear because those who will go against the government are imprisoned and in some instances, tortured. Laws are also stringent and the government controls almost all the activities that the people have no voice and democracy to practice their rights.

2. Abuse of Power
Critics of a dictatorship contend that with only one leader with the power, there will be a tendency for the dictator to be self-serving and abusive of power. The dictator will have a private army and will be surrounded by goons and guns, making it easier for the one in power to do as he or she pleases regardless of who will be affected.

3. Political Unrest
Anti-dictatorship groups argue that a dictatorial government will lead to bad economy. This is because of the harsh punishments and potential abuse of power by the leader. In time, there will be people who will revolt against the government and plan to overthrow the current leadership. When this happens, there might be chaos in the country due to political unrest.

Any form of government has its pros and cons. Dictatorships can work for or against the people depending on the type of dictator leading the country. Perhaps the best way to determine if this is an ideal form of government is to look at the countries run by dictators.