Custard Apple Pros and Cons List

A custard apple is a name applied to many different fruits, but the most common reference is the Annona squamosal. Like any fruit in the apple family, the seeds are actually poisonous. Most apple seeds have low toxicity levels, but the custard apple is different. Powdered seeds are often used as an insecticide.

Here are some additional pros and cons of custard apples to think about.

List of the Pros of the Custard Apple

1. It offers B complex vitamins.
The B series of vitamins are important for brain health. It is part of the process that controls chemical levels within the neurons of the brain while providing healthy energy levels. Just one custard apple provides the average person with 20% of their recommended B vitamins for the day.

2. It has high iron levels.
People who struggle with anemia find that the 0.9mg of iron per serving can be quite helpful to correcting their health. That’s about 5% of the daily recommended dose for many adults.

3. It has high Vitamin C levels.
One custard apple provides 93% of the daily recommended levels of Vitamin C for most people, which can provide an immune system boost.

4. It can treat inflammation.
The latex from the custard apple tree can be applied to the skin, helping with common bothersome conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It can also encourage new skin cells to develop rapidly, helping with the natural healing process.

List of the Cons of the Custard Apple

1. It is high in calories
The sugars of the custard apple can provide an ample source of energy. Because it is high in calories, it can also be a source for weight gain. The average fruit has 146 calories, which is about 40% higher than other common fruits that are consumed.

2. It is high in sugar.
The sugar levels in a custard apple are so high that people with diabetes are usually advised not to consume this fruit.

3. It can create an imbalance within a person’s electrolytes.
Eating too many custard apples can cause potassium and magnesium levels to spike, creating an electrolyte imbalance. Without proper hydration, the symptoms of this imbalance can be quite pronounced. As with most foods, consume in moderation to avoid this issue.

These custard apple pros and cons show that this fruit can be a powerful addition to many nutritional profiles. Although there are certain dangers which must be controlled, the benefits of this fruit often outweigh the negatives.