Assertive Behaviour Pros and Cons List

Assertive behavior can be summed up in two words, proactive and positive. Even active and positive approaches can be deemed as assertive. Any negative approach or a reactive approach will not qualify as assertive behaviour. Be it in workplaces, meetings, personal life or social circles, assertive behaviour works. There are studies that have inferred the assertive behaviour pros and cons in schools or classrooms as well. Let us explore the assertive behaviour pros and cons in various facets of life.

List of Pros of Assertive Behaviour

1. Make Your Presence Felt
Assertive behaviour will allow you to make your presence felt and in a positive way. Reacting all the time or responding to others’ actions will make you the perennial responder. You need to be proactive if you want others to reckon your presence.

2. Earn Relevance & Significance
The world doesn’t care about people who remain quiet, don’t come forward with ideas or simply want to stay at the back and watch everything. The world only cares for those who want to make a difference. Hence, those who have assertive behaviour will not only make their presence felt but would also earn relevance and significance. Visibly timid or coy, passive or disinterested people will not be ideal candidates for leadership roles, either at work or in school.

3. Empowering Oneself & Others
Assertive behaviour has the strength to enhance the confidence of an individual. While basking in sufficient self esteem, someone who has mastered assertive behaviour will also influence others. In the process, the individual and others get empowered, leading to a positive vibe in the workplace or in any setting. Assertive behaviour is about getting close to the problems or issues, resolving them and moving ahead.

4. Averting Crisis
Assertive behaviour is measured. It is not overly optimistic and not remotely pessimistic. It is rather realistic. Hence, assertive behaviour succeeds in averting crises. Confrontations and conflicts can be better managed by assertive behaviour.

List of Cons of Assertive Behaviour

1. Difficult to Master
It is easier said than done. Assertive behaviour is a fine line between aggression and the lack of it, optimism and pragmatism and it is also about emphasizing on your authority while allowing enough room for others to speak up and do their bit. This is a very tricky skill to master.

2. Misinterpreted as Easygoing
Those who wish to take advantage of easygoing attitudes may misinterpret assertive behaviour as one that is not very imposing or stringent.

3. At Times Ineffective
Assertive behaviour doesn’t work in every circumstance. Situations may call for different approaches that are not assertive by any means.