9 Impressive Pros and Cons of Eloping

Secret weddings have been appealing to celebrities for a long time now because it allows them to keep their nuptials private. However, elopement is not reserved for the rich and famous—you can also do it. But you should take note that, while there are upsides to this type of wedding, there are also downsides. To help you decide whether eloping is right for you, here are its pros and cons.

List of Pros of Eloping

1. Far Less Expensive
When it comes to cost, elopement beats traditional weddings. By doing so, you can save massively on money by avoiding large venue rental fees, reception for tons of guests, décor and flowers for a large space, large bridal party and other huge expenses.

2. Power to Call All the Shots
This type of wedding also takes away the anxiety of anybody else’s requirements or opinions. If you plan to elope, you and your partner can do all the planning and say “goodbye” to your folks’ disapproval about a non-church venue and to bridesmaids who will be vocally upset about your theme.

3. No Rules
With elopement, you can forget every wedding tradition you have ever known. All that matters is, you say the vows and sign the paper, and the rest is up to you!

4. No Stress
Of course, there are still many things to plan for an elopement, but with just a little pressure without the massive guest list. This means fewer obligations during your big day, making it much easier for you and your partner to relax and take in the experience.

5. Total Privacy
Let’s face it. It is difficult to share a moment with your partner when about over a hundred other people are watching you and waiting for certain reactions. On the other hand, an elopement allows you to focus solely on the promise you are going to make to each other and say them your way.

List of Cons of Eloping

1. Less Extravagance
If you fancy soirees, then elopement may not be your best choice for a wedding. This small ceremony often offers less glamour due to unorthodox locations and fewer guests. Nevertheless, your savings can be used to fund an extravagant honeymoon or a house instead.

2. Fewer Witnesses to Share the Memories
Despite the many advantages of inviting fewer guests, one negative aspect of elopement is that fewer people are able reminisce with you about your big day. Of course, you can make a video and send it to everybody, but it will be different than experiencing the occasion themselves.

3. Fewer Gifts
Remember that one of the most awesome traditions in a wedding is giving gifts, and by skipping out on a traditional ceremony, you will also be missing out the gift-giving experience.

4. Potential Hurt Feelings
When you elope, you can expect some of your loved ones to have some hurt feelings about not receiving your invites.

Now that you know some, if not all, of the pros and cons of eloping, would you prefer to do it than the traditional wedding?