6 Predominant Pros and Cons of Corset Training

Dating back as far as the 16th century, corsets are specifically created for the purpose of holding and training the torso into a shape desired for medical and aesthetic purposes. Over time, their use took a downturn as fashion standards changed. However, they slowly began to re-surface after the release of the film “Moulin Rouge!” in 2001 and are now at craze proportions! Touted as miracle products for waist training, they have been boosted by the onslaught of celebrity endorsers, such as Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Deelishis.

Yet and still, their use has faced some controversy. Described as among the hottest sculpting trends of today, they have become a topic for debates, as detractors claim the possibility of fainting spells, organ shifting and rib damage. Here are the pros and cons of corset training:

List of Pros of Corset Training

1. It is proven to be effective in shrinking sizes.
In just minutes, you will be able to shrink 2-3 sizes from your original figure, which depends on how long it takes you to fit into the corset. After you initially fit into it, you immediately flaunt an hour-glass figure.

2. It accents the curves you want for your body.
If you long for an instant sexy figure, then corset training is what you should bet on. The garment is designed in a way that it accents your curves, as well as lifts, tucks and compresses those unwanted flab. By slipping into your corset, you can instantly shape your body and boost your confidence level.

3. It provides effective back support.
Aside from reducing your size, a waist training corset can help with providing effective back support. While wearing it, you will feel something is holding your back, which makes you erect and straight. Doesn’t it feel great to have a good posture along with a figured body?

List of Cons of Corset Training

1. It can be difficult to put a corset on.
Especially if you are a first-timer, you should be ready to battle it out when putting the corset on. It is extremely tricky, where you will actually need help from another person to do it, so it might be a little frustrating and even discouraging for you. Moreover, depending on the corset’s design or style, you might require constant help when you put it on.

2. It can be constricting and uncomfortable.
Since waist training corsets are designed to flatten a body, they can be quite constricting and uncomfortable for heavy women. But like other things, the more frequently you wear it, the easier and more unnoticeable it will become.

3. It can be expensive.
Depending on the brand or style of corset you choose, waist training can be expensive. If it is a full body shaper you are planning to buy, remember that you need to burn a hole in your pocket for it. Also, getting just one corset will not be sufficient in case you will use it on a daily basis to achieve a slim and sexy figure. This adds on to your expenses as donning one continuously would easily wear it out.


Now that you know the pros and cons of corset training, you should already know whether this trend is for you or not. You can also seek advice from professionals to come up with a more informed decision.